I Bay Net introduces the next generation controls for Information Technology. It's Self-Service solution posses the tools and skills, that you need to build truly interactive web apps and bring the yesterday technology to the future one, by using .NET, MVC, Java, C#, VB.NET, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, Angular, CSS, fast CGI like PHP and ColdFusion.

Is your web app compatible with all the browsers and smart devices? If not, we can make it happen.
At I Bay Net, we specialize in smart device compatibly and search engine-friendly web applications. We can bring yesterday’s technology to today’s modern technology with a seamless transformation. Whether it is a globule business management system (GBM), an online banking application, productivity software, a Contact Management System (CRM) or simply bringing your inventory to the World Wide Web, we can do that at I Bay Net!

At I Bay Net, Inc. we offer a complete Dot Com solution that meets your business’s need and fit your company's image. We create graphics and videos that bring your site to life. Our team can Design a Relational Database and develop a shopping kart for your web site items to get posted on your Company Facebook with one click. This future enhancement could be completed without starting all over again.

Data Logics:

If you are like most companies, then your data exists in multiple formats and technologies. Unlike most providers, our open architecture allows us to work with a wide variety of platforms and consolidate previously non-relational data for true marketing relevance and targeted applications.


If you are experiencing down time in your company website or CRM / CMS application due to yesterday’s technology then I Bay Net could provide your company a seamless transformation to .NET Technology without any downtime and without losing any data.